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Story of Saravia

My name is Miriam and I am the mother of two little girls, Sara and Aviya. Growing up in the Soviet Union, I did not have much say in what clothes I wore. Their were limited options available in the clothing shops and everyone dressed more or less the same. I remember the Russian school uniforms were gloomy black and brown dresses. My mother did not like these uniforms and refused to dress her daughters this way. We even traveled to Estonia, where we purchased Estonian school uniforms which were much nicer than the Russian ones. It wasn't long before my mother was called into the Director's office and questioned about the Estonian uniforms. My mother quickly explained that Estonia is part of the Soviet Union and there is no reason why her daughters should be prohibited from wearing the uniform dresses from Estonia, which look presentable and allow the girls to develop their sense of style and preference. The Director approved and from then on I was inspired to sketch and design clothes. I was drawn to the elegant fabrics, beautiful lace, and sparkling crystals but at that time creativity was "out of line" and was deemed "inappropriate" in the good Soviet community. At 15, my sister and I moved to Israel. I was fascinated with all the shops and markets. There were endless possibilities and I decided to experiment with my clothing. Over the years I developed my own unique style and I have discovered that my clothes need to be colourful, comfortable, and bring a smile to my face. My daughters are fortunate to live in a time and place where anything is possible. They have a variety of outfits to choose from and they joyfully pick out their own clothes everyday. As a mother I want to inspire my daughters to express their creativity and develop their own sense of style, while dressing in a wholesome, dignified way. Finding clothing that is modest, beautiful, and affordable can be somewhat of a challenge in the shopping malls these days and so the concept of Saravia was born! A line of clothing to fit your daughter's style and needs, as well as your budget.

Welcome Saravia :)